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   Our Advocacy

Performing arts—it’s the song you have on repeat, the actors in your favorite movie, the play you watched recently, the dance video that went viral online. It is the inspiration and the foundation supporting your other passions and pursuits. Without us fully realizing its impact, performing arts is an integral part of our lives.

Imagine a world without performing arts. Do you see a world you can live in? Do you see a life you can enjoy?

So many people say that they can’t live without music, dance, and theatre, yet they put little value into it and feed into the “starving artist” stigma.

Performing arts should be fueled. It deserves a platform that allows it to flourish. It’s about time we changed the image of the “starving artist.”

Here at The PARC Foundation, we provide the platform to support the people who bring performing arts into our lives. PARC is here to give them a HOME where they can create more and pursue more of the things they are passionate about.

Our HOME is a holistic support system enabling artists to live their passions.
> Hub with 10 Creative Spaces
> Opportunities through Programs
> Mentors & Partners for Collaboration
> Events & Production Support


The PARC Foundation spearheads the development of performing arts in the country by enabling Filipino artists to succeed.


We aim to create a sustainable ecosystem for performing arts, with PARC functioning as an open hub for artists to congregate, hone their skills, equip themselves for their future careers, and become relevant contributors to society.

    Core Values

    Our Story

The PARC Foundation was established as a non-stock, non-profit organization in December 2015. It was founded by Wilmer Guido, a passionate 23-year old whose dream was to put up a performing arts center to help people, especially the underprivileged youth and struggling local artists, fulfill their passions as well.

Determined to achieve his dream, Wilmer formed his core team with like-minded friends Samsam Santiago and Issay Nodalo. As a first move, they repurposed an old office building into a performing arts hub. On June 1, 2016, they officially opened their doors to the public. Since then, The PARC Foundation has been a second home to numerous performing artists and groups who enjoy our creative spaces at the friendliest rates.

In response to the stigma that the performing arts is only for well-off individuals, the foundation launched PARCaralan in December 2017. The aim of the program is to bring free quality arts education to some of the most talented and promising children from underserved communities near PARC.

Unfortunately, it was during the same month when PARC lost its founder due to a sudden illness. But with the support of his family and the Guido Group of Companies, Wilmer’s spirit lives on and his legacy continues through The PARC Foundation and its mission to enable and support the Filipino performing arts community.

Board of Trustees

Mr. William T. Guido

Chairman & CEO, Guido Group of Companies

Ms. Issay Nodalo

Co-founder & President, The PARC Foundation

Dr. Raul Sunico

World-renowned pianist & former President of the Cultural Center of the Philippines

Maestro Rodel Colmenar

Founder & Music Director of the Manila Philharmonic Orchestra

Prof. Jay Bernardo

Director at ACE Center for Entrepreneurship & Chairman of StartUp Village

Mr. Jasper Evangelista

Chief Operating Officer, Globaltronics, Inc. & former Vice President of Marketing for Solaire Resort and Casino

Ms. Luz Gatmaitan

Corporate Secretary, Globaltronics, Inc.

Mr. Alvin Kingson Tan

President & CEO, Fil-Chi Media Productions (Chinoy TV)

Mr. John C. Gan

Head of Product Development, Entrepreneur



PARCaralan, Artist Partnership


PARCaralan aims to give free music, dance, and theater classes to talented young Filipinos from underserved communities in San Juan. LEARN MORE

Artist Partnership

The PARC Foundation offers customized partnerships with artists who can assist in our programs and events in exchange for marketing benefits and creative space discounts. LEARN MORE


Volunteer Program, Internship Program, Student Ambassadors

Become an ArtVocate!

Here at The PARC Foundation, we believe in the power of living out your passion and creating the opportunities to fulfill dreams through the arts. Our ArtVocacy seeks out the people who are just as passionate as we are. Our home is always open for people like you!:
1. ArtVocacy Volunteer Program
2. ArtVocacy Internship Program

Student Ambassador

The PARC Foundation’s Student Ambassadorship Program is for high school, college, and university organizations and performing arts groups who are in need of spaces and institutional support. LEARN MORE


“Everytime we get to help someone, it’s the best feeling in the world.” — Wilmer Guido (1992 - 2017), Founder

By supporting The PARC Foundation, you can help us harness the performing arts to create contributors to society. Our artistic ecosystem makes performing arts socially relevant. With your help, we can continue creating programs and opportunities that enable artists from all walks of life a way to establish themselves as part of the nation-building community.

Account Details:
> Account Name: Performing Arts and Recreation Center Foundation, Inc.
> Account Number: 4931-0062-96
> Bank: BPI Pedro Gil Branch


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